Remington Steele co-creator/executive producer Michael Gleason introduces "Nick Fallon"
in Working Dirty


Michael Gleason is known in the television industry as the driving force behind the successful run of television’s Remington Steele, the series that launched Pierce Brosnan’s career into the stratosphere.  He’s written for television shows including Peyton Place, Rawhide, Cannon, Marcus Welby, M.D., Nash Bridges, Lois and Clark, just to name a few.  Now he’s put aside the script format and is bringing his writing talent to the literary world with the release of his first novel Working Dirty.

 In his literary debut, Working Dirty chronicles the dark side of the prison system as someone methodically kills the inmates of a maximum security prison.  The prison engages the services of Nick Fallon; a disgraced ex-cop currently serving time for crimes of his own.  If he finds the killer in 72 hours, he gets his freedom.  If not, he may find himself as the next person on the casualty list and the prison will be stripped of its accreditation.  

Working Dirty is currently available in both Kindle and trade paperback versions.

Telephone or online interviews with the author are available upon request.

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