Political Satirists Move Over - Edward Eugene Baskett Is Playing Hardball

It’s politically daring, it’s witty and it will have you pondering things you’ve never thought of before. What is it? Edward Eugene Baskett’s new hit book I Call Him Christopher: My Letters to Chris Matthews of Hardball.

I Call Him Christopher is 100 pages of colorful opinions and observations that have been sent to Chris Matthews; host of the MSNBC series Hardball and Edward has been nothing short of amazed at how many times something he’s talked about in his letters have actually been acted upon by Chris and the Hardball staff. His topics range from fun items such as the length of Chris’ hair to hard hitting material about Social Security, Ann Coulter, President Bush’s attitude on political topics, gay rights, the Michael Jackson molestation trial verdict, Mary Baker Eddy’s Christian Science movement and he even takes on the Trinity Broadcasting Network Sex Scandal.

When political website owner Dean Esmay caught a glimpse of I Call Him Christopher, he was compelled to share his thoughts on the book. “Political junkies will probably think I CALL HIM CHRISTOPHER looks promising. I know I do! What a golden find! Shamelessly, I spammed everyone I know. I have been chuckling all day, even after several trips back to his sites. Have you read everything the dude’s posted on the web? My, my, the things they make in Clarita, Oklahoma. We owe his parents a debt.”

Professor of English Steve Vermillion agreed with Esmay’s assessment saying, “The letters are articulate, engaging, erudite, and full of wry and ironic humor, while, at the same time, demonstrating that their author has a firm and knowing grasp of the complex and mercurial issues at hand.”

I Call Him Christopher is Edward Eugene Baskett’s second published title. His first is titled Entrapped and he is currently working on his third titled I Leap Over Their Heads, the true story of the battle between General Electric and Christian Scientists.

I Call Him Christopher: My Letters to Chris Matthews of Hardball is available by clicking on the link to your left, through Amazon.com, Bear Manor Media and an assortment of book retailers worldwide.

To learn more about Edward Baskett, visit his website by clicking on his photo.  Interviews are available upon request.