At Carmody McKnight,
Making A Variety Of Estate Wines
Takes More Than Just Good Grapes

When the Professional Soil Scientists Association of California and the soils faculty of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo decided to visit the Paso Robles wine region in search of unique samples to add to their research of viticulture, they knew Carmody McKnight would have exactly what they were looking for.  They were absolutely correct in that assumption.

 During the annual PSSAC conference, attendees were treated to a day-long walking tour of Carmody McKnight’s vineyards where they examined selected soil pits as well as partaking in field discussions of the sustainable, biodynamic viticulture practices at the vineyard.  As host of the event, Carmody McKnight owner Gary Conway explained the PSSAC’s interest in his vineyard’s planting methods. "The soil science and geology world are beginning to appreciate the phenomenal attributes of Carmody McKnight Vineyards.  Because of these qualities the vineyard had been selected for the most significant terroir/wine study ever undertaken, with a partnership including the State of California, John Deere, Motorola, Earth Information Technologies, Inc., and three departments at Cal Poly.  Within the last year the state’s leading soil and geology organizations gathered at the vineyard on two occasions to experience and study the phenomenon for themselves."

 Conway’s passion for his vineyard and the winemaking process was conveyed through an array of stories shared on the tour.  PSSAC president Edd Russell states, “Even a non-wine drinker like myself began to appreciate some of the nuances of wine and their associated soils after seeing the soils in your vineyard and tasting the wines grown there.  I must say that my perception of you changed throughout the tour.  At first I saw you as a wine-grape grower/vinter.  Then I saw the actor and then the artist.  But what I finally realized was that primarily you are a storyteller and that many of the stories you tell are about soil.  You tell stories about the soil in your wines.  You tell stories about the soil through your paintings.  And you tell stories about the soil in your speaking.”

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 Interviews with Gary Conway, Marian McKnight, Kathleen Conway and/or Greg Cropper are available by request.